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The Latest 4CAST Band

Funk            R&B            Blues            Pop

There is something about music that brings people together. That electric feeling of being on stage,  moving the crowd, and encouraging you to get your back off the wall.

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  • For $1,200 you can hire the hottest 🔥 7-piece band in the Midwest for...



The 4Cast Band is an American R&B band from Indianapolis, Indiana. Their repertoire includes new and old school R&B, soul, hip hop soul, new jack swing, and gospel music. The band was founded and named in Indianapolis in 2013 by Alvin Hester Sr. and DeMorris Smith "Forecast Band". Later in 2017 Alvin Hester Jr. joined the band and changed the spelling of the band to "The 4Cast Band".


The Latest 4Cast Band includes singers: Alvin "Big AL" Hester Jr., Carl "Cjayy" Harris and Shaquan "Shaq Diesel" Simms. They are backed at live shows by: Byran "LA" Hobbs, Charles

"Chuck" Hipskind, Matthew "Big Beatz" Franklin, Edward "Woosie" Bailey who's been together as a band for 6 years. The 4Cast Band performs in the Midwest area of the United States and its popularity has rapidly increased this year. 4Cast (Big AL, Cjayy, and Shaq Diesel) have recorded 2 singles to date: "Hold On" produced by Matthew "Big Beatz" Franklin and the brand new single "No Problems" produced by Platinum producer David "Right Hip D Love" Morris. who's worked with LaFace Records/Arista Records in the past.

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